Wednesday, May 05, 1999

The Brand Concept

Why Istanbul question mark?
Because we are questioning and analysing the city, its location, image, foundations, people, history and culture; we are indulging in the city’s romance and adventure while exploring the possibilities and pondering its future.

Why Yeah exclamation mark?
Because Yeah is a positive affirmation in the comic-book style familiar to generations throughout the world. It answers the preceding question with an unequivocal yes!

As The Beatles put it: "She loves you, yeah! Yeah! Yeah!"

In 1999, NPP staged the first ever contemporary art exhibition within the Kapalicarsi ‘Grand Bazaar’ all under the title of Istanbul? Yeah!
TV, radio, newspapers and magazines covered the exhibition providing a welcome spotlight for the Kapalicarsi and Istanbul. A catchphrase was born as shopkeepers were filmed for TV declaring 'Istanbul? Yeah!'

So, why use the images of a foreigner who may not even speak the local language properly? Because the foreign artist sees it and he believes it. Most foreign visitors cannot speak the local language – they have to see to believe!

NPP used this Yeah! concept for:
Istanbul? Yeah!
Mayadrom? Yeah!
Ataturk Gulumsuyor? Yeah!
Gebze? Yeah!
Business As Usual? Yeah!
Rainbow Bridge? Yeah!

As Sakip Sabanci of Sabanci Holding once said:
"Over the years, our nation has achieved a great deal. So what’s next? Just one thing; Global Brands, Global Brands, Global Brands!"

Istanbul? Yeah! lends itself as a branding tool, using NPP’s images to promote Istanbul and Turkey as bright, vibrant, historical and contemporary; a counterbalance to the negative image the country has sometimes endured.

Istanbul? Yeah! creates a PR tool: an international view of an international city.

Istanbul? Yeah! sees everyday images as national icons. For example, let’s celebrate the simitci who brings fresh daily bread come rain or shine. Let’s highlight the street vendor. Let’s bring the man in the street into the spotlight:
Simitci? Yeah!
Misirci? Yeah!
Aganigi Naganigi? Yeah!

One can supply the product and at the same time inform the purchaser of the language, humour and culture. Istanbul? Yeah! images will become synonymous with the image of Turkey and stamp their mark on the global psyche. These images can help attract greater positive interest and an inclination to do business with one of the most strategically important centres of the world.
A single image may leave an indelible and pleasing impression with a visitor. The right image can sell the idea of a city, it’s country and the people to a potential customer, whether tourist, business person or investor.
Istanbul? Yeah! was officially conceived with the 1999 exhibition within the Kapalicarsi. NPP considers much of the work produced in Istanbul before and since as very much part of the same on-going concept.